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Dell Precision Workstations

Dell Precision Workstations

Dell Precision workstations are built for top performance and offer a wide range of professional applications – from advanced analysis to engineering, animation or product and building design. These machines deliver cutting edge power, with extensive expandability options that are fully customized to your requirements. Dell Precision Workstations come in 3 form factors to suit various requirements.

Dell Precision Fixed Workstations

Dell Precision Fixed workstations are specially engineered to deliver maximum performance and capabilities for those seeking the most power from their system. Dell Precision workstations are intuitively designed to offer the most convenience to the user. The hard drive slot has been positioned in the front so it can be easily accessed with minimal difficulties. There is also an external, removable power supply for better manageability. Dell Precision Fixed workstations have been equipped with cutting-edge liquid cooling technology to ensure smooth performance free of lags even when running high-powered applications. The Dell Precision workstation also comes with an in-built precision optimiser to ensure that your settings are finely tuned to deliver maximum efficiency based on what apps you are currently running.

Dell Precision Mobile Workstations

Dell Precision Mobile workstations are expertly designed to provide you with the same high-performance and capacity of a desktop workstation, but with greater mobility and versatility. Our mobile workstations allow you to complete tasks at any location, with no lags in performance. We offer you the latest Intel processors capable of incredible speed and processing power. Our workstations are also customisable, so you can choose from a wide range of professional applications to ensure that your system is tailored to your unique requirements. Along with cutting-edge engineering on the inside, the Dell Precision Mobile workstations are also equipped with sleek, stylishly designed exteriors to ensure your system stands out. Ultra-thin lightweight systems ensure easy portability while Corning Gorilla Glass displays provide excellent durability. Performance remains the key factor in the Dell Precision Mobile workstations and multiple hard drive support helps your system deliver maximum power.

Dell Precision Rack Workstations

If your work require zero compromises on performance regardless of your location, Dell Precision Rack workstations are the perfect match for you. Our rack workstations offer the greatest security features available in any system today. You can be assured that all your data and sensitive information will be fully-protected against malicious attacks. Dell Precision Rack workstations also provide incomparable processing power, with the ability to run multiple high-performing applications smoothly. This advanced technology allows greater scalability to ensure that you get the maximum power out of your system.

The Precision Workstations come with the newest technological innovations and feature the latest Intel Xeon Processors with Powerful graphics card options – NVIDIA Quadro and AMD Firepro, which provides the muscle to run the most demanding applications. System memory can be expanded upto 256GB using the latest DDR4 ECC Memory technology. The latest in storage options including Quad PCI NVMe SSD and Dell Precision Ultra Speed Drive Duo are available to reliably store the content.